Runners Up in Town Swimming Gala

In the Darlington Schools’ Swimming Gala at the Dolphin Centre on Wednesday 16 May, Carmel finished second in both the boys and girls championships and therefore finished runners up overall.  This was a fantastic achievement and a big thanks must go to all the coaches who help at the Carmel Swimming Club on Wednesday morning. They are Mark, Hannah and Jess Briggs, Alana Prior, Isabel Alexander and Johnson Bache.

The results were as follows:

1 Open 100M Freestyle 2nd Alice Day
2 2nd Johnson Bache
3 Open 3 x 1 Ind Medley 1st Niamh Sweeney
4 1st Daniel Boyer
5 Open 1 L Butterfly 2nd Jess Briggs
6 7th Matthew Van Mourik
7 Yr 7 1 L Breaststroke 1st Mateusz Wilczynski
8 2nd Phoebe Jones
9 Yr 8 1 L Breaststroke 1st Ella Boyer
10 2nd Bertie Bridges
11 Yr 9,10 1 L Breaststroke 1st Niamh Sweeney
12 4th Matthew Van Mourik
13 Yr 7 1 L Backstroke 3rd Temitayo Adesina
14 2nd Hannah Board
15 Yr 8 1 L Backstroke 2nd Grace Copping
16 2nd Reuben Morton
17 Yr 9, 10 1 L Backstroke 3rd Jessica Briggs
18 2nd Dan Boyek
19 Yr 7 1 L Freestyle 1st Connie Bleasby
20 1st Joseph Sweeney
21 Yr 8 1 L Freestyle 2nd Sofia Vassilounis
22 1st Daniel Mustard
23 Yr 9, 10 Freestyle 2nd Sarah Wilcock
24 2nd Johnson Bache
24a Corporation Cup
25 Yr 7 3×1 L Team Medley 1st Hannah Board/Phoebe Jones/Connie Bleasby
26 1st Temitayo Adesina/Mateusz Wilczynski/James Wilcock
27 Yr 8 3×1 L Team Medley 2nd Grace Copping/Ella Boyer/Sofia Vassilounis
28 2nd Reuben Morton/Bertie Bridges/Daniel Mustard
29 Yr 9, 10 3×1 L Medley 1st Alice Day/Niamh Sweeney/Sarah Jordens
30 3rd Johnson Bache/Daniel Boyer/Matthew Van Mourik
31 Yr 7 4×1 L Team Free 4th Scarlett Simpson Hall/Lily Dunwell/Connie Bleasby/Ruby Dobson
32 1st Jake Race/Adam McNulty/Joseph Sweeney/Sam Ryans
33 Yr 8 4×1 L Team Free 5th Amelia Hunter/Sophie Turver/Carys Honeyman/Cecily Gibson
34 3rd Caedman Casswell/Kieran Walsh/Rory Forster/Isaac Fenton
35 Yr 9/10 4×1 L Free 2nd Jess Briggs/Sarah Wilcock/Matilda Spellman/Emma Burgess
36 2nd Josh Irving/Daniel Stirrey/Justin Kowlak/Isaac Ryans
37 100th Year mixed freestyle 2nd Sofia Vassilounis/Connie Bleasby/Niamh Sweeney/Daniel Mustard/Matthew Van Mourik/Daniel Boyer
38 Open Diving 1st Olivia Campbell
39 William Willcox-Benson