Valencia Exchange

Earlier in the year a small group of Spanish boys from our new partner school in Valencia, Spain, came to visit their English exchange partners for two weeks. In addition to attending lessons with their English partners, students took part in a range of activities aimed at developing the Spanish visitors’ cultural knowledge of the country. Visits included a trip to York to visit the Minster and market, Middlesbrough to watch a Premier League football match and Newcastle to discover St James’ Park stadium.

In March the Carmel students took part in a two week return visit with their new partner. Jeremy Roberts, Luke Parker, Thomas Nolan and George Halliday spent their time at IES La Malvesia in Llombai, close to Valencia. Pupils were lucky enough to experience everyday life at a Spanish secondary school where they improved their language skills, took part in numerous cultural visits, played local sports and even made their own paella. This was the first year that such an exchange has been run and there are hopes for further such projects in the future.