Saint Pope John Paul II Awards Ceremony

On Thursday 2nd March at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House in Newcastle, students from Sixth Form received their JP II awards along with many other young people from the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. The Awards were presented by Rev. Paul Farren from the Diocese of Derry and Bishop Séamus Cunningham.

The night consisted of music from a youth group, inspirational talks and an interview with students who spoke about their experiences. Each student received a medal and a certificate as an acknowledgement for their efforts in achieving the award.

The JP II award encourages and celebrates the role that young people play in their parishes, the college and the community by focussing on parish involvement and social awareness. In service; students have taken part in music ministry, liturgies, fund raising events such as the Great Carmel CAFOD Bake Off, volunteered at organisations such as their local nursery, been on pilgrimage to Lourdes with HCPT and the Diocese and been involved with setting up youth groups within the Diocese.

The following students have received the award and spoke highly of the experiences that they had during the journey; Amber Ainsley, Daisy Carling, Anna Wilson, Emily Wright, Claudia Smith, Lauren Sanderson, Roisin Clausen, Andrea Greaves, Evie Gunnell and Sarah McGovern. Many great memories have been made during the programme which will stay with the students for a very long time.

Members of the Church, various parishes and school community including Mr Gardner and group leader Mrs Lewis have supported the students on the journey. Being involved in the programme has been an opportunity we’ve all been thankful for and really enjoyed.