Sixth form students, together with Mrs Turver and Mr Graham, are working hard to raise awareness and money for the Carmel College Peru Project. In July 2017, and then again in October 2018, the college will be visiting Iquitos in Peru to work on the The Peru Mission. This Diocesan led mission focuses on improving the lives of the poor in extremely deprived areas. The group will spend time each day on projects such as building a kitchen facility for a school or sports facilities and then will visit a children’s centre each afternoon to spend time with students practising English, playing games and encouraging learning. This is a fantastic experience for Carmel College students – something we hope will be life changing. Money raised will help towards both travel costs and building/educational materials while in Peru. Fundraising so far has included Carmel Does Strictly, a sponsored static cycle and in June the Carmel Festival of Choirs. For anyone wishing to support this venture please contact college (