In July 2017 Mrs Turver, Mr Graham and two Sixth Form students from Carmel College, along with students and staff from St John’s Sixth Form College, Bishop Auckland, travelled to Iquitos, Peru. After almost 2 days of travel, the students were able to begin their voluntary work which involved building a kitchen and outdoor dining area in the school of Las Malvinas, in the Punchana barrio.

Afternoons were spent working with underprivileged orphans of La Casa de La Nina Del Loreto. During the mornings staff and students were shifting sand, mixing and transporting cement, laying floors, plastering and moving bricks. Other tasks involved digging a trench to create access for a water pipe, painting benches and also painting murals on some of the school walls. Students also had a chance to teach English lessons to a few of the older students, as well as visiting the orphanage working with girls aged between 4 and 18.

In addition to this, the visit included the opportunity to go to two local barrios, attend mass in two different parishes, visit a local market, plus a day and a half excursion into the Amazon Rainforest. This included a visit to an animal sanctuary and a boat ride that included a chance to see pink and grey river dolphins, plus a chance to try fishing for piranhas. Our students would like to thank all parties involved in the development of Project Peru as it was a life-changing experience. Fundraising now begins to support next year’s project – hopefully refurbishing a toilet block and washing up area in the same school. Anyone who feels they are able to make any donation to support fundraising is encouraged to contact the College.