Long Jump Record Holder Celebrates Carmel’s Sporting Success

The 17th Sports Presentation Evening was held in the John Caden Hall, on Monday 17 July. This year the special guest was three time Olympian and former British long jump record holder, Chris Tomlinson. He presented the awards to the young athletes who, once again, have done Carmel proud. The main award winners were:

Services to Sport

Year 7 – Mary McAdam, Ashleigh Sellars, Michael Calabro and George Thornton.

Year 8 – Keira Williams, Emma Burgess, Justin Kowalak and James Todd.

Year 9 – Megan Noble, Olivia McCready, James Garbutt and Joseph Spellman.

Year 10 – Daisy Appleton and Ryan Wells.

Achievement in Sport

Year 7 – Darcey Garbutt, Amelia Hunter and Nathaniel Bell.

Year 8 – Ellie Baillie, Sarah Wilcock , Isaac Ryans and Tom Lye.

Year 9 – Laura Bennett, Harry Crawshaw and Stuart Harrison.

Year 10 – Olivia Austin and Ethan Fenton.

Sports Leader of the Year – Francis Humble

Netball Player of the Season – Daisy Lubuku.

Rugby Player of the Year – Sam Berry and Joe Berry.

Cricket Player of the Year – James Bendle.

Cricket Player of the Year – Matilda Weir.

Hockey Player of the Year – Andrea Greaves.

Skier of the Year – Aimee Smith.

Footballer of the Year – Daisy Appleton.

Footballer of the Year – Kyle Davidson.

Swimmer of the Year – Alice Day.

Biathlete of the Year – Daniel Boyer.

The ‘John Naisbitt’ Sports Personality of the Year – Olivia Halliday.

Sports’ Loyalty Award – Rebecca Butterfield.

Sports’ Loyalty Award – James McAllister.

Athlete of the Year – Layla Bell and Lucy-Erin Hunter.

Athlete of the Year – Matthew Phillips and Joshua Irving.

Victrix Ludorum – Olivia Austin.

Victor Ludorum – Matthew Phillips

The Derek Coates Sports Performance of the Year – Joshua Irving.

The Eve Hannaford Sporting Excellence Award – Lucy Whiting.

Please click here to view photographs of the evening.