Lifesaving Awards

Twenty pupils from years 7 – 10 have just completed a 10-week Lifesaving course at the Dolphin Centre.  The course was led by Lifeguard Tom Ward, a former Carmel student.  There were 9 awards ranging from Bronze level 1 up to Gold level 3 which could be achieved.  The awards were as follows:
Bronze Level 2 -Tiana Pascal.
Bronze Level 3 – Nathan Rickets and Dominic Rickets.
Silver Level 1 – Nathan Diggle, Alex Gibbs and Wiktoria Stolarska.
Silver Level 3 – Matilda Spellman, George Thornton, Isaac Dickinson, Bertie Tate-Bridges and Daniel Mustard.
Gold Level 1 – Sophie Turver, Milly Anderson, Sarah Jordens, Anastasia Flaven Burnip and Olivia Halliday.
Gold Level 2 – Jessica Briggs, Sofia Vassilounis, Johnson Bache and Sarah Willcock.