Darlington Junior Hockey Festival

Young hockey players took part in the Darlington Junior Hockey Festival on Sunday, October 15, which showcased Carmel’s latest hi-tech facilities.  The event was organised by Darlington Hockey Club and attracted top players from around the area.

The £1/2m, brand new, all-weather pitch came on stream last month transforming a quagmire into one of the best facilities in the area.  As a result, interest in the sport at the college has grown among boys and girls.  The pitch is also home to Darlington Hockey Club, where its members also deliver training sessions for students forging links between the school and the community.

PE teacher Rachael Bowes said: “The new pitch is amazing and has allowed us to generate a huge interest in hockey. We have boys’ and girls’ teams playing and training, both in and out of school hours and we are really looking forward to hosting the tournament.

“We have only been using the pitch since September and already we are seeing some very capable young players come through from all year groups.  Our Year 12 and 13 players are being joined by other sixth form students from around the area who are using the pitches for training, making it a truly community facility.”

Olivia Austin, 16, said: “Hockey is great fun, a fabulous way to run off some energy and learn how to be a better team player.”

Matthew Phillips, 15, added: “We were amazed when football was replaced by hockey but we are really enjoying it and it is certainly just as competitive.”

To view photos of the Hockey Festival Please click here.