Catholic Partnership Book Extravaganza

To celebrate World Book Day a group of five Year 7 pupils from Carmel College, along with other Year 7 pupils from schools in the Diocese, attended a Comic Art Master Class organised by the Hexham & Newcastle Catholic Partnership.

Kev F Sutherland, a comic artist whose comic strips appear in The Beano, Doctor Who adventures, Marvel comics and many other comics, demonstrated his artistry and inspired the children to produce their own comic strips. At the end of the session the group had produced their own comic containing a strip created by each pupil. As a souvenir of the event, each pupil was presented with a copy of the comic plus a caricature of themselves drawn by Kev.

Masterclass ‘Tips’
Kev’s advice to pupils, before embarking on their own creations, is to practice their drawing skills by copying other artists’ work.
Points to consider when producing a comic strip:
• The cartoon and speech bubbles should work together to describe what is happening in each frame.
• Detail of the drawings should not be too small, as the image is usually minimised in the printing process.
• Perspective should be used to maximise the small dimensions of a single frame.